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Why You Should Skip Plan B And Chase Your Dreams 🎯



Once upon a time, a group of people decided to migrate to an island through a seaport. All of them arranged individual boats for themselves and started their journey. When they arrived what they saw was the total opposite of what they had in mind to live and make a better life for themselves. One of them, getting frustrated, advised the other members of the group to go back and live like they used to back where they originally came from. However, one man was not convinced of the idea and wasn’t willing to go back. Instead, he quoted something that was enough to motivate the other people and also convince them to stay there, it was something like this:

“If you have an idea in mind and you want to achieve something big then you should not wait for something great to happen. It is better that you create your own opportunities because that is the best & only way you can succeed. If you waste your time waiting for an opportunity, you may not even recognize the opportunity even if it hits you right in the face. You have to take the chances and risks in order to stay ahead of others and prove your true potential.”

`Burn your boat`, that’s the right phrase. The point is when you have something in mind that you really wish to do, take every possible step to achieve it because if you don`t have something comforting for you to lean back on that can catch you if you fail, like a plan B, then it proves to be motivating for making your dreams come true because you will have no choice but success in the end. People who are determined to get what they want in life are the ones who do not believe in failure and do not give up.

Why is it important to achieve your goals?

If you are one of those people who don’t have goals to better yourself and aim higher then you probably have this fear of failure inside you that is causing the hurdle. Goals are beautiful, they make you feel like a winner once achieved and also inspire you to make it bigger in life. If you dream of achieving something that you truly want, then also believe in the fact that there is something that will push you towards fulfilling it because that is how it works. People create life goals and do every possible thing to achieve them (if they are determined enough) without caring for the uncertain and unfavorable circumstances or obstacles that come their way.

Why shouldn`t there be a plan B?

Having a plan B in your mind might seem to be a smart idea as the second option in case you fail to achieve what you want. However, the fact is that it has more disadvantages than advantages which have a negative impact on personal growth and development. Some of the disadvantages of having a plan B are:

  1. It doesn’t allow you to think creatively as you will always rest easy because you have another plan
  2. It demotivates you from taking a step forward without worrying about the negative possibilities and risk factors
  3. It makes you feel like a loser who is unable to achieve what is desired
  4. It is one of the biggest causes of losing hope in something that you earlier had full faith in
  5. It does not let you rethink and find a new way to achieve your goals
  6. It discourages you from trying to do something new and outside of your comfort zone which is also a risk factor.
  7. It causes problems in performing other life tasks because once you’ve failed; it’s hard to regain the motivation to try again and take another risk as it becomes optional
  8. It makes you feel less talented as just like everybody else you have a `back-up plan`
  9. It creates a habit in your personality of always having an alternative in life which is a bad practice and can make you naturally lazy
  10. The moment you doubt if your original plan is going to work, you have already failed

How do I motivate myself to achieve my goals?

To not have the thought of a second opportunity waiting for you will motivate you as (put simply) you have no other way out and your fight or flight instinct will kick in. A Plan B will cause demotivation and will make you think that your goal is not worth fulfilling because of the difficulties in the way. Therefore, in order to get motivated to achieve your goals, stay firm and determined and do not let any negative thoughts take place in your mind that discourage you from moving forward and achieving what you deeply wish to. I promise though there will be bad days in which negative thoughts will implant themselves and you will want to give up but remember you can`t because you don`t have a choice.

That said, the example given at the beginning of the article sums it all up. So remember if you want to fulfill your vision and get to where you want to be, you will need to naturally motivate yourself by “burning your boat”.

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