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How To Be Taken Seriously With No Reputation Or Experience 🧐



We as young people are generally considered to not only be naïve but also inexperienced in whatever we do because we have not got a history in whatever field or passion we are taking on. If you are one of those people who have started a small business venture, are pursuing their passion or are starting a proper professional career then adults not taking you seriously is something you must be used to. It’s all about the mindset that adults are currently set in which sometimes can mean they do not consider a younger persons talks and plans seriously.

This is why young people, especially teenagers, start feeling left out in gatherings and meetings whether it be for business or something else and their confidence starts to shake. Therefore, in order to prevent this it is important to adopt some habits and personality traits that will impress your network which will result in them seeing you at a higher standard as you know what you are talking about. To get there sometimes you will need to:

  1. Let your actions speak louder than words:

The saying is true and actually works! When you speak more than you do it tends to lose the charm and attraction. If you work hard and smart that becomes evident in the form of successful outcomes and achievements making it easier to impress people. Otherwise they start taking you for granted as someone who is not serious, is stuck in a dream world and is highly inexperienced rather than see you as someone who is learning from them and striving to get to their level of experience.

  1. Do extra homework:

Homework is extremely important if you want people to respect you and take you seriously. This is because, the more well-informed you are about certain things, the better your work and personal reputation will look. Always get your facts straight and be prepared more than you have to. This is only for your benefit as this way you will have a positive impact on the surrounding people who will also think higher of you.

  1. Maintain confident body language:

Confident body language is something that is noticed immediately when judging another person. We involuntarily judge people instinctively and it is scientifically proven that in the first 7 seconds of someone meeting you they will have made their first judgement. Do not hesitate and always stay firm with your decisions and suggestions. A positive attitude helps a lot in making sure your body language is confident because this is how you influence people upon meeting them which in turn can lead to a healthy relationship and a strong connection.

  1. Do not be a latecomer:

A latecomer is never taken seriously at work or a gathering, no matter how big of a person you are. Punctuality is a fundamental personality trait of all successful people and entrepreneurs. It makes other people realize that you are serious about your work and not willing to risk it by arriving late.

  1. Sometimes, staying quiet is a wise decision:

Remember, you don’t always have to say something. If you feel that you’re not getting something right then it is better to stay quiet for the sake of maintaining your reputation to make sure people don`t think less of you for no good reason. Speak after you have done your research with proper facts and figures so that other people will trust and believe in you. If not, there is a high chance of people thinking of you as an immature teenager who is good for nothing when we all know that`s not true.

  1. The tone at which you speak says a lot about your confidence:

The speaking tone in which you address people plays an important role in creating a worthy impression of your intelligence and reputation. If your tone is impressive and gentle enough then it proves that you are a confident, kind, and a sensible individual.

  1. Do not show-off:

Unnecessarily showing off your skills and past experiences is typically a teenager’s personality trait which does not impress people who are mature and also have a lot of experience in that field or industry already. Therefore, avoid doing that and maintain a fine line between leading and dictating.

Reputation is hard to earn, and so is the experience. Therefore, be careful in earning & maintaining it by trying the above-mentioned influencing personality traits and habits.

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